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Balamb Garden

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  • Magazines

    Weapons Monthly July (Training Center), Combat King 003 (Balamb Hotel)

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  • Blue Magic


Squall is watching over Rinoa in the infirmary when Quistis summons him to the 3F bridge. Once there, form a party of 3 (sans Rinoa) and pilot Balamb Garden southwest towards Edea’s Orphanage.

Before deboarding, pick up the July issue of Weapons Monthly from the Training Center. It appears as a little brown package on the ground so it’s not easy to spot. You’ll find it just beyond the left gate. If you’ve been a frequent visitor to the Library with Zell, visit Balamb City; a random event might transpire, where Zell has a guest waiting for him at the Hotel. Spend the night there to receive a copy of Combat King 003.