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Laguna Dream Sequence – Lunatic Pandora Laboratory

  • Rare Cards


  • Draw Points

    Death, Double, Flare

  • GFs


  • Magazines

    Weapons Monthly First Issue (Lunatic Pandora Lab)

  • Enemies

    Esthar Soldiers, Elastoid, Gesper

  • Blue Magic


As Laguna, talk to both Esthar soldiers to get things moving then speak with the Moomba and the worker until the soldier returns to fight you. After defeating him, Kiros and Ward arrive. Select the 1st option to junction them before facing the Gesper and 2 Esthar soldiers. Get rid of the Gesper first, before it removes any characters from battle with its Degenerator attack. Once they’re defeated, use the elevator on the right to reach the ground floor.

Eavesdrop on Dr. Odine’s conversation with his assistants then head right to exit. Outside, you’ll find a Death DP next to the Save Point. After speaking with Dr. Odine’s Assistant, return to the Laboratory. Pick up the final (or First, really) issue of Weapons Monthly on the floor to the left of the entrance then take the elevator back down to the basement.

Once there, Odine’s cronies try to kill you. Be sure to mug a Laser Cannon from the Elastoid, so Quistis can learn Homing Laser. After the fight, follow Dr. Odine to the elevator and ride it up to get back outside. Laguna’s crew confiscates a vehicle and rides it over to the doctor’s lab.