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Deep Sea Research Center, Part Two (optional)

  • Rare Cards

    Eden (Ultima Weapon)

  • Draw Points

    Triple, Dispel, Ultima, Esuna

  • GFs

    Eden (Ultima Weapon)

  • Magazines


  • Enemies

    Bomb, Behemoth, Grendel, Tri-Face, Imp, Blue Dragon, Ruby Dragon, Iron Giant

  • Blue Magic


After you’ve spoken with everyone in the cockpit of the Ragnarok, re-enter the building. Use the Save Point next to the large hole in the ground where the blue core used to be. Descend the vine inside the hole. You’ll face a plethora of powerful enemies here. Should you choose to fight them, Tonberry’s Level Down ability will be helpful, along with Quistis’ Degenerator. Most of the enemies are weak against Sleep, so use it often.

At the bottom, use the Dispel DP then examine the heap of metal in the lower left corner. Choose to have the computer explain the procedure for opening doors. You’ll learn that you need to distribute power units efficiently to access the lower levels. Spend 4 units now and use the hatch in the floor to go down to the next level.

Once there, examine the terminal in front of the stairs. Spend 2 units of power to open another floor hatch and descend. On this floor, examine the terminal on the right and use 1 unit of power to open another hatch. [If Zell is in your party, you can ignore the computer on the left, which opens a door on the left.] Go down to the next level and use 1 unit of power on the computer there. Do the same thing on the next level then step on the floor plate to descend to Level 6.

When you reach the bottom floor, examine the machine in the center of the room. Choose to have Zell take a look at it (2nd option). Enter the gate on the left and move forward until you reach a Save Point. Use a Triple DP along the way and continue winding down until you get to the very bottom of the island. Use Siren’s Move-Find ability to locate a hidden Save Point then examine the red computer panel on the right.


HP: 100,000
AP: 100
Strength: ???
Weakness: Earth
Draw: Regen, Dispel, Ultima, GF Eden

Draw GF Eden from it right away. Apart from having a ridiculously high offensive rating, the Ultima Weapon’s Light Pillar attack can take away 9,999 HP from a single member, so keep those Phoenix Downs at the ready. When it’s not using Light Pillar, the Ultima Weapon uses Gravija, Quake, and Meteor. Cast Meltdown on it, followed by Aura on Squall so that he can unleash his Renzokuken. Have your remaining members act as healers and if you can spare a few turns, draw some Ultima spells from the boss.

After the fight, you’ll get GF Eden, 100 Ultima Stones and Eden’s card. Eden will be your only GF that’s capable of doing 5-digit damage. It also has a quirky little ability called Devour. When consumed, certain enemies yield status bonuses such as Strength +1 (i.e. the T-Rexaur). Save and backtrack to the exit.