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Centra Region – White SeeD Ship

  • Rare Cards

    Shiva (Zone), Angelo (Watts)

  • Draw Points


  • GFs


  • Magazines

    Timber Maniacs

  • Enemies


  • Blue Magic


Travel to a group of islands north of the Orphanage. Ignoring the 3 western cliffs that jut out into the open sea, you’ll find the remaining islands form a broken ring around a patch of water. The White SeeD is located within this ring near the southwestern cliffs. You may need to shift your camera angle to actually spot the ship. Once located, move Balamb over to it and board.

The crew refuses to let Squall have an audience with their leader, but they won’t stop you from exploring the ship. Head forward to meet up with Watts, who is standing near a Save Point. After greeting him, Zone enters and scolds Squall for not taking better care of Rinoa. When he leaves, talk to Watts again to get more information then head upstairs.

Grab the final issue of Timber Maniacs from the floor near Zone then speak to him multiple times, until he notices you have a copy of Girl Next Door. Give it to him for free to receive a Rename Card and Shiva’s Card. Afterwards, take the stairs back down to Watts and continue east to get to the leader’s cabin.

Use the Holy DP there then talk to the Leader. He tells Squall that Ellone is no longer on the ship. Speak to him again to trigger a flashback scene showing Ellone being taken to Esthar. After the flashback, you’ll automatically be back on Balamb Garden.