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Esthar Region

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  • Enemies

    Bite Bug, Glacial Eye, Gayla (highways), Mesmerize, Malboro (fields)

  • Blue Magic


Move through the maze of paths (respresenting Esthar’s highway system) until you reach the outer field. If you check your map, you’ll find 4 new locations around Esthar City: the Lunatic Pandora Laboratory, Sorceress Memorial, Lunar Gate and Tears’ Point. The group is supposed to meet Dr. Odine at the Lunar Gate, which is east of Esthar City, but feel free to visit the other areas first.

Save frequently while roaming the fields around Esthar, as you may come upon a few Malboros. Though rare, these creatures cast Bad Breath – a spell that causes every kind of status malady you can imagine to the entire party. Those who are not properly equipped against Confuse, Berserk, Poison, Silence, Slow, Darkness and/or Sleep will not last very long. If you encounter any and survive, make sure you steal Malboro Tentacles from them (ideally, 9) so Quistis can learn Bad Breath and upgrade her weapon, plus you’ll need 6 more to acquire a GF later on. Remember to cure your characters after the encounters.