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UFO Sightings (optional)

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    UFO, PuPu

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While traveling, you may have come across an invisible adversary, which is actually a UFO. Here are the 4 locations where you encounter this:

  • Along the eastern shores of the Timber continent (Mandy Beach)
  • Around the Winhill Bluffs region
  • The island east of Trabia Garden (Trabia Heath Peninsula)
  • In Kashkabald Desert (Centra region)

The UFO appears even if you’ve got Encounter-None equipped. Use that party ability to speed up your search and to avoid unwanted battles. Once you’ve sighted it 4 times, go to the cliffs north of the Chocobo Sanctuary and Grandidi Forest. Land in the northeast and run around a bit to encounter the UFO. After defeating it, acquire at least 5 Elixirs (purchasable from Johnny’s Shop in Esthar or by using Alexander’s Medicine Level Up ability to further refine 10 Remedy Pluses). Once you have them, head to the Balamb region for another meeting with the UFO.

Use the 5 Elixirs on PuPu to receive its card, which can be modified for a Hungry Cookpot then further refined via Siren’s Tool RF ability to obtain a Shaman Stone. Finally, use Eden’s GF Ability Med. RF to get a Rosetta Stone (lets a GF learn Ability x4). You can choose to kill it instead, but the reward isn’t as good (an Accelerator, which teaches a GF the Auto-Haste ability).