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Laguna Dream Sequence – Trabia Canyon

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  • Enemies

    Ochu, Mesmerize, Bite Bug, Gayla, Ruby Dragon

  • Blue Magic


Laguna has taken up a job as a B-movie actor wherein he plays a knight protecting a maiden from a dragon. While Kiros and Ward are supposed to play the dragon, the beast that approaches is the real deal. There are two methods to get past this mini-game:

Method 1: Tap the [Attack!] button once to have Laguna swing his blade then assume a defensive stance. After Laguna parries the blow, have him attack again. Keep repeating this attack/defend pattern until Laguna emerges victorious.

Method 2: Mash away at the [Attack!] button to have Laguna continually slash the Ruby Dragon and cut off any attempt to retaliate. You may have to block occasionally, but it isn’t hard if you’ve got quick fingers.

Once Laguna is reunited with his companion, choose the 2nd option to retreat to a Save Point on the left. Junction your party and save. Before confronting the Ruby Dragon, you might want to try finding an Ochu. Fighting them allows you to steal Ochu Tentacles, which are necessary for upgrading Quistis’ weapon to the Red Scorpion. The Ochu has a tendency to rob you of magic spells, so be careful. They are found on the same screen as the Ruby Dragon… it’s a pretty small space so make sure you don’t run into the Dragon by accident. Once you do, you can’t go back to find the Ochu.


HP: Varies
AP: 14
Strength: Fire, Wind
Weakness: Ice, Holy
Draw: Aero, Firaga, Demi

Summon Diablos repeatedly for an easy kill. This creature isn’t too hard to take down. Plunder an Inferno Fang from it to teach Quistis Fire Breath or use it for Selphie’s 3rd weapon, the Crescent Wish.

After the battle, you’ll get Ruby Dragon’s Card and see Laguna looking for Ellone at the Orphanage.