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Chocobo Forests (optional)

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    Boko the Chocobo (Gysahl Greens)

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Chocobo Forests are dome-shaped forests found on the Trabia and Centra continents. There are 6 regular ones. The 7th (called Chocobo Sancutary) is located in Grandidi Forest on the northeastern cliffs of the Overworld—you’ll have to ride a chocobo from the Trabia region across shallow waters to get to it. It’s pretty well camouflaged. The forest in which the Chocobo Sanctuary is hidden houses 2 powerful enemies: the Malboro and the Hexadragon. If you feel daring, mug some Red Fangs from the Hexadragon and Malboro Tentacles from the Malboro before escaping.

You’ll need to get a ChocoSonar and ChocoZiner from the boy who appears within Chocobo Forests.

First, equip the ChocoSonar. At specified spots, the ChocoSonar will respond (watch the red bar) when you tap the [X] button. Equip the ChocoZiner, and blow it for a small chocobo to fall down. Blow again to have it return. You’ll have to do this until there’s only a single, small chocobo left on the screen (there may be multiple chicobos in each forest). Talk to it to get a big Chocobo to appear. If you happen to activate the ChocoZiner where the sonar shows no response, your equipment will be snatched by a chicobo. Buy it back from the Chocoboy for 700 gil.

Alternatively, you can ask the kid to summon a big Chocobo for you for 1,200 gil, but note that every time you get the big Chocobo to appear by yourself, you’ll receive a Pledge of Affection (allowing you to find stones hidden in the ground using the ChocoZiner). Collect all 6 of them (one from each forest) and present them to the chocobos in the Chocobo Sanctuary to get a Chicobo Card. Here are the locations of the Chocobo Forests:

  1. West of Trabia Garden
  2. Northeast of Trabia Garden (here’s where you should ride a chocobo to get to the Chocobo Sanctuary)
  3. Northwest of the Shumi Tribe Village
  4. Northeast of the Centra Ruins
  5. East of Edea’s Orphanage
  6. South of Kashkabald Desert

These adorable creatures are pretty fast on their feet. Also, you won’t encounter enemies while riding on a chocobo. Incidentally, you can purchase Gysahl Greens from the chocoboy, which allow you to summon Boko in battle. They’re not very strong though – their Choco Fire damages a single opponent for a measly 500+.

If you don’t feel like doing this event now, you can leave it until you’ve acquired the airship Ragnarok, which will be later on in the game.