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Balamb Garden

  • Draw Points

    Cure, Esuna

  • Magazines

    Occult Fans Vol. 1 (Library)

  • GFs

    Quezacotl, Shiva (2F Study Panel)

Final Fantasy VIII opens with an FMV of two students squaring off in a training match. One is injured in the battle and awakens in the infirmary. The medic, Dr. Kadowaki, asks if he feels all right. Give your hero a name (Squall is the default). Dr. Kadowaki phones Squall’s teacher, Quistis, to come get him. Watch the FMV showing her arrival then follow Quistis to the classroom.

After Quistis briefs the class, go speak with her. She reminds Squall to visit the Fire Cavern before taking his SeeD entrance exam. Check the Study Panel on Squall’s desk and read through all of the tutorials. By doing this, you’ll receive GFs Shiva and Quezacotl. Once done, leave the classroom. Squall bumps into Selphie, a new student, near the elevator. She asks for a tour of Balamb Garden. Take her up on the offer.

Talk to the guy near the elevator to get your first set of cards. Afterwards, ride the elevator down to the lobby and head south. Examine the Garden Directory to see what places are available to visit: You can rest and save your game at the Dorms, meet Seifer and his cronies at the Cafeteria, play cards with Dr. Kadowaki in the Infirmary, and visit the Library, which offers an Esuna DP, plus Occult Fans Vol.1 on the bookshelf to the right. Avoid the Training Center for now. When finished, head south to the Front Gate. You’ll find a Cure DP on the way there. Speak with Quistis to learn how to junction GFs then exit the Garden.