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Galbadia Garden

  • Rare Cards


  • Draw Points

    Haste, Double, Shell, Life

  • GFs


  • Magazines


  • Enemies


After the FMV, move down the promenade to the entryway. Head left at the lit dome to get to the Lobby. Once there, look for a hidden Haste DP under the center light. Use the Save Point on your right then explore the Garden a bit before heading up to the Conference Room. You’ll find an assortment of nice (but not rare) boss cards from the Galbadian Garden students along the way.

The western path takes you to a hallway with classrooms that are either empty or being guarded. The eastern path leads to another hallway. Enter the door on the left. The Ice Rink is being used for practice, so you can’t reach the Shell DP, so go left and enter the locker room. Inside, find a Life DP then exit and return to the lobby. Take the northern path, past the stairs, to a basketball court. Use the Shell DP there then continue east to another hallway with a Save Point. The 2 guards bar you from entering any rooms, so head back across the basketball court to the stairwell. Go up to the 2nd floor.

At the 2F landing, the Conference Room is straight ahead. Before going there, head east. Continue around the balcony to another Save Point then go further to enter the Theatre. Use the Double DP then backtrack to the Conference Room. Once inside, speak to everyone at least twice until Squall gets fed up and decides to leave. Head back to the lobby, where Raijin and Fujin deliver a message. Head south and speak with Quistis then continue to the main entrance. Martine, the headmaster, arrives and briefs the party on their new mission. He introduces a new party member, Irvine, who is a sharpshooter (starts at Level 13). Choose a party and watch a tutorial on junction switching. Exit the Garden.