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Deling City

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    Timber Maniacs (Galbadia Hotel)

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Take the escalators south to reach the bus stop area. Wait for a bus at the first station you see and board it. Get off at the next stop, which is Caraway’s Mansion. Talk to the guard on the extreme right to learn that you cannot enter until the party has obtained a password from the Tomb of the Unknown King. He gives you a map of the tomb. Afterwards, you can choose to pay him 5,000 gil to get a Locator, which is extremely helpful in navigating the maze-like tomb you’re about to visit. Afterwards, explore Deling City.

Cross the street and head west to find a Thundara DP then board the bus next to the mansion. Ride past the Presidential Residence stop to the Shopping Arcade. Deboard and cross the street to visit the Item & Junk Shops. When finished there, head north to the next screen. Enter the Galbadia Hotel and pay 100 gil to rest. Inside the guestroom, search under the bed for a copy of Timber Maniacs then leave. You can play cards with the waitress in the club to the right or just exit.

Return to the Central Square (where all the buses merge) and go left. On the next screen, head west to get to the car rental agency. Rent a car or set off on foot to the world map.