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Laguna Dream Sequence – Centra Excavation Site

  • Rare Cards


  • Draw Points

    Silence, Sleep, Confuse, Cure

  • GFs


  • Magazines


  • Enemies

    Esthar Soldiers, Gesper, Elastoid

In typical Laguna fashion, he’s brought the wrong map for this patrol. When you gain control of him, junction everyone then head down the hill to a Silence DP. Continue forward and battle 2 sets of Esthar soldiers. At the fork in the road, take the right path. Follow it until you reach a ladder. Climb down into the mines.

Continue forward until you reach a bright green tunnel. There’s an invisible Old Key near the half-buried circles, but Laguna loses it the minute he picks it up. Anyway, head left to the next screen. Continue forward until you see 3 steel hatches in the floor. Have Laguna tamper with the switch on the center one. Return to the previous screen and watch as Esthar soldiers fall for Laguna’s crude trap. Now, tamper with the hatch on the right. Laguna won’t be able to open it, but his tampering proves useful later on.

Backtrack to the mine entrance (where you initially fought the 2 sets of Esthar soldiers). Take the left route. When you reach the intersection, go right to find a Confuse DP then return to the center and take the ladder down into the mines. At the bottom, you’ll find another Old Key hidden among the debris on the left. Follow the path until you reach the 3 steel hatches. Tamper with the left hatch.

Return to the green tunnel area (where you located the 1st Old Key) and head north. When the route splits, take the northern path to find a bomb detonator on the ground. Examine it. Choose to hit the red switch first, followed by the blue switch to exterminate 2 batches of Esthar soldiers. Afterwards, continue forward until you see a large boulder to the left. Push it using [X]. Make your way up to the save point. Use it before continuing north.

If you didn’t trigger the traps earlier, you’ll have to fight 5 sets of miners here. Otherwise, fight only one. The last one’s Soul Crush will drain Kiros and Ward’s HP completely, so remember to cure your comrades when you regain control of Squall.