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Lunatic Pandora

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Leave the room. On the next screen, climb the ladder on the right. Climb the next ladder to reach a hidden Break DP then descend one level and head north up the white pole. At the top, veer right to get to the next screen. Use Siren’s Move-Find to reveal a Save Point up ahead. Use it then enter the opening.


HP: 50,000+
AP: 0
Strength: ???
Weakness: ???
Draw: Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga, Flare / Esuna, Dispel, Regen

You’ll have two targets to choose from but you MUST NOT let Rinoa die in this battle. Adel has quite an arsenal of magical attacks and occasionally drains Rinoa’s HP. Counter this by junctioning spells to Rinoa’s HP parameter prior to the battle and casting Regen on her at the start of the fight. You can’t use spells such as Ultima, Squall’s Renzokuken or any GFs here as they also damage Rinoa, so stick to physical attacks on Adel. A Meltdown spell on her should make your task easier.

Heal Rinoa when needed. Limit breaks that work here include Zell’s Duel and Irvine’s Shot. Just make sure you don’t accidentally trigger any of their ‘hit all targets’ attacks.

After the battle, Ellone will initiate time compression and after a nice FMV, you’ll find yourselves in the Commencement Room.