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Magic Information

Magic can help you allot in the game. You can also draw from enemy to stock up on magic spells. Some Bosses that can draw from have unique spells that will do a great deal of damage

Quick Tips

  1. To get the most magic out of a Draw Point or enemy, make sure the character that draws has a high Magic stat.
  2. You can only draw from an enemy or Draw Point if you are Junctioned with the Draw command!
  3. As a rule, draw points on the overworld (which are invisible) yield less spells at one time than ones in dungeons/towns, but they usually refill faster.
  4. You can only draw 9 spells from one monster in a single turn, but monsters carry unlimited spells. The best way to get magic in the game is to put a monster to sleep or some other status which renders it impotent.
  5. The higher-level spells are only kept by powerful enemies and so are tough to draw for them. The best way to get these is to go to the Islands Closest to Heaven and Hell.

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