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Triple Triad

In Final Fantasy VIII there is a very enjoyable side quest which adds many more hours on to the gameplay of the game. Much like how FFVII has the golden saucer, Final Fantasy VIII has a card game system. The name of this card game is Triple Triad. Throughout the duration of the game almost anyone can be challenged to a game of cards. You can engage in a game by pressing the square button however you must have a minimum of 5 cards to play. Cards come in many forms they can be monsters, GF’s, Bosses and even characters.

About Cards

Gained from Monsters, or when Monsters are turned into Cards, Monster Cards are the easiest to come by. I’ve found, that you need to strike a monster once or twice, before attempting a Card Transform. Bosses and Rare Cards cannot be attained by the Card Ability. The cards are set up with numeral notations, which denote power levels, a number per side, the higher the number, the stronger the side. Most Cards however, have one to three high sides, and a low side. Call it a balance of power, you may be able to best a card on one side, but be ready to have that strong card taken if you leave a weak side open to your opponent.

I’ve spent more time with the Triple Triad portion, than the actual Quest, and lost more Cards than I care to think about. Just remember to save your game before you start playing with high/rare Cards, it will save you both time and money…time for playing to get your Cards back, and money from throwing your controller against the wall when you lose.

Card Example:

Card image

Card Numbering ranging from 1-10, the 10 being an A