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Dollet Revisited (optional)

  • Rare Cards

    Siren (Master Card Player, 2F Dollet Pub)

  • Draw Points


  • GFs


  • Magazines

    Timber Maniacs (Pub, Hotel)

  • Enemies


Head south past the car rental agency to get to the center of town. Talk to the people near the fountain and use the Silence DP in the lower right corner. Continue southwest and visit the Nautilus to buy items or refine your weapons. After shopping, head south and enter the Pub on the left. Go upstairs and save your game. Grab a copy of Timber Maniacs from the card table then speak to the man on the left to play cards (the ‘Random’ rule applies in Dollet). If you win, he’ll show you his private room and give you several sets of cards. While in his room, search the piles on his floor for Occult Fans Vol.2 and a few hidden items. Make sure you look at the piles from every angle. Afterwards, try to win Siren’s card from him. When finished, exit the pub and head further south.

Enter the house on the right and speak to the artist in front of a large painting. Each painting has a bone, giving the location of a missing dog outside the house. If you find the dog in all 3 locations you’ll get a Potion, Phoenix Down and Soft. [If you do this in Disc 3, you’ll get a Potion, Mega-Potion and an Elixir.] Continue past the artist’s house to the beach. Take a tour of the harbor then return to the fountain area.

Once there, enter the Hotel to the north. Pay 100 gil to rest then grab a copy of Timber Maniacs on the desk the next morning. Leave the Hotel and head left. The Dollet trooper denies Squall access to the communications tower. Talk to him twice to bust through. Fight a few enemies as you make your way up the path. Watch a funny sequence at the end, then return to the fountain. There’ll be a guy standing on the bridge near Timber Hotel. Talk to him with a female companion in your party to receive a Potion. He appears randomly but you can do this as many times as you wish to stock up on Potions. When finished, leave Dollet and head north.