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Balamb Garden – Inauguration Ceremony

  • Rare Cards


  • Draw Points

    Thunder, Cure

  • GFs


  • Magazines

    Timber Maniacs (Balamb Hotel OR Train Station)

  • Enemies


Speak with Cid in the lobby then head right to find Seifer complaining about the mission. After Xu scolds him, the intercom announces that all SeeD candidates are to gather on the 2nd floor. Take the elevator up and talk to everyone there. When Squall tries to leave, the results are announced.

Squall, Zell, Selphie and another student (Nida) are inducted into SeeD. Talk to Cid before you leave to get the Battle Meter, which keeps track of your party’s battle stats. Access it from the Tutorial sub-menu, under Information. You should get a decent score even without defeating X-ATMO92. SeeD Tests are also available now in the menu screen. Attaining full marks in each test increases Squall’s SeeD Rank and salary.

SeeD Ranking System

  • Conduct: Reach the shore at Dollet with 25:00 left on the clock to score 100.
  • Judgment: Defeat Ifrit in the Fire Cavern with 00:07 left on the clock to score 100.
  • Attack: Defeat 75 enemies in total (not counting enemies downed by GFs).
  • Spirit: Never escape from battles (except for the first X-ATM092 encounter) to score 100.
  • Attitude: Don’t converse with anyone in Balamb City before the Dollet mission, ignore all Squad A and C members while in Dollet, leave the defeated Biggs alone, follow all of Seifer’s orders, don’t take the shortcut at the cliff, save the dog from the X-ATM092 and refrain from hiding in the cafe.

Go to the Dorm and change into your formal attire. Selphie arrives to take you to the inauguration party. Once there, Squall bumps into Rinoa. Selphie will ask Squall to join the School Festival Committee unless you already agreed to join when you spoke to her earlier. After the dance scene, Quistis asks Squall to meet her at the training center. Change into your normal attire then head over to the Training Center.