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Esthar City – Meeting the President

  • Rare Cards

    Squall (Esthar President)

  • Draw Points


  • GFs


  • Magazines


  • Enemies

    Imp, Iron Giant, Turtapod, Imp, Elnoyle (rare)

  • Blue Magic


Make your way into the city on foot or land the Ragnarok directly in Esthar. Look for a tall, circular building with a pad on top. After exiting the Air Station, head west. If you encounter an Elnoyle, steal Moonstones from it or defeat them when they’re at levels 40+ to acquire Energy Crystals. Both are essential items for weapon upgrading.

Make your way over to to the Presidential Palace. After getting off the elevator pad, head left and enter the President’s private room. [If you’ve yet to visit Edea at her Orphanage, you won’t be allowed in.] When you finally meet the President of Esthar, you’ll have a choice of topics to ask him about. Select ‘What are you doing here?’ followed by the 1st choice to make him continue his story. You can choose the first option to move the plot quickly, but I suggest you take time to see what he has been up to for the past few years. [The President holds Squall’s card, quite possibly the best in the game. Be sure to win it from him.]

When finished, the President volunteers to continue the briefing aboard the Ragnarok. The party is taken there automatically.