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Tears’ Point / Lunatic Pandora

  • Rare Cards


  • Draw Points

    Curaga, Meteor, Holy, Silence, Confuse, Ultima

  • GFs


  • Magazines


  • Enemies

    Behemoth, Imp, Iron Giant, Torama, Turtapod

  • Blue Magic


Bash into the Pandora using your airship to trigger an FMV. Afterwards, talk to Selphie (or whoever’s at the controls) to enter. Immediately upon entering, Raijin and Fujin challenge the party.


HP: 22,200
Strength: Thunder
Weakness: Poison
Draw: Thundara, Thundaga, Shell, Protect


HP: 17,900
AP: 20
Strength: Wind
Weakness: Poison
Draw: Aero, Curaga, Full-life, Tornado

Cast Blind on Raijin to halt his physical attacks, then dispose of him using Squall’s Renzokuken. Fujin likes to use support magic such as Haste on herself, so break it using Dispel. Watch out too for her Sai attack, which reduces a single member’s HP to 1. You can off her with Squall’s limit break rather easily. Eden, Doomtrain and Diablos work fine also.

After the battle, head south. On the next screen, head northeast until you reach two old friends—Biggs and Wedge. Afte they leave, use the Save Point then enter the circular doorway to the left. Continue past the T-intersection until you reach the Lobby area. Take the green 01 elevator up to the next level. Follow the path until you reach another Save Point. Make preparations and save before heading north.


HP: 9,000 x 2
Strength: ???
Weakness: Thunder
Draw: Curaga, Demi / Curaga, Esuna


HP: 46,000
AP: 40
Strength: ???
Weakness: Thunder
Draw: Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga, Flare

Cast Cerberus at the start to put the party in Triple status, so that a single person can heal everyone with Curaga. When the boss is in Mobile Weaponary Attack Mode, it’ll retaliate against all physical attacks aimed at the main body. Use Thundaga spells, Quezacotl and Eden during this period to damage it. When it changes to Support Weaponary Attack Mode it’ll launch Corona, which decreases everyone’s HP to 1. Use Triple (or a Megalixir) to heal everyone quickly or the upcoming Megido Flame will wipe out your weakened party. You can also draw Aura from the Left Probe and use it on Squall to unleash his Renzokuken to take the bugger down easily. Junction Thundaga to Elemental Attack for best results.

You’re almost at a point in the game where there’s no turning back, so if you feel you’ve missed anything, head back outside and collect what you need. When ready, head forward to meet up with Seifer.


HP: 34,500
AP: 40
Strength: ???
Weakness: Poison
Draw: Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga, Aura

If you have Odin, he’ll appear at the beginning of battle but fail to take Seifer out (Odin will be replaced by a much more versatile Gilgamesh at the end of the fight). Start off by drawing a few Aura spells from Seifer. If his physical prowess is giving you trouble, cast Protect on yourselves. Seifer will use his Bloodfest when his HP gets low, which causes significant amounts of damage, so watch out for it.

You can dispatch him easily with a single Meltdown- Aura-Renzokuken combination though. Make sure to plunder either a Hero or Holy War from him before he goes down.

Seifer will take Rinoa away after the battle so choose a replacement – but keep Rinoa’s HP, Vitality and Spirit parameters high. You’ll need her at optimum health later on. After junctioning Rinoa’s replacement, save and switch to Disc 4.