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Esthar City – Lunatic Pandora Invasion

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  • Magazines

    Combat King 004 (Esthar Soldier)

  • Enemies

    G-Soldier, Elite Soldier, GIM52A

  • Blue Magic


Stock up on items before going to Dr. Odine’s Laboratory (which is 2 screens west of the City Entrance area) and make sure to save before entering. Once inside, ride the center elevator up to Dr. Odine, who explains that the Pandora will be passing over the city shortly. In order to board it, you must reach one of its 3 stopover locations within a certain period of time. Use the [Square] button to view the 3 locations:

15:00 – 12:00 It will take Pandora 5-8 minutes to reach the Center of Esthar
10:00 – 5:00 It will take Pandora 10-15 minutes to reach an intersection where 2 skyways meet
3:00 – 0:00 It will take Pandora 17-20 minutes to reach a road block, north of the Shopping Mall

If you miss the first 2 stopovers and don’t reach the road block before time expires, you will not be able to board the Pandora. The timer starts as soon as you exit Odine’s Lab and you’ll be fighting several enemies as you go, so factor that in. The fastest route to the Center of Esthar is outlined below:

Exit Odine’s Laboratory and move forward to the highway. Once there, head east 2 screens. At the City Entrance area, take the northern path (behind the transport pod). Climb the stairs on your left then head west towards a blue vehicle parked in the middle of the road. This is the Center of Esthar. Wait there until the Pandora arrives. When it does, defeat a couple of Galbadian soldiers then climb up to board it.