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Lunar Base

  • Rare Cards

    Alexander (Piet), Laguna (Ellone)

  • Draw Points

    Meteor, Meltdown

  • GFs


  • Magazines


  • Enemies


  • Blue Magic


After Squall reaches the Lunar Dock, speak to Piet. While carrying Rinoa, follow Piet into the Med Lab on the left. Place Rinoa in the chamber behind him then save your game. Exit the Med Lab and keep moving forward, past the staircase, until you reach the Control Room.

Once inside, examine the red panel in the upper-right corner before talking to Piet. Choose the 2nd option to learn that Ellone is on the 2nd floor. [Piet holds GF Alexander’s card, but it’ll take a while to win it due to the ‘Random’ rule here.] Leave the Control Room and go upstairs. Talk to the girl on the 2nd floor to learn more about Adel then continue south down the corridor. Enter the door at the end.

Ellone will be inside the room, but before talking to her, you might want to initiate a Card Battle to try and win Laguna’s Card from her. When refined, the card gives you 100 Hero potions. Afterwards, speak to Ellone. Once she agrees to take a look at Rinoa, leave the room and head back towards the Med Lab. When the alarm sounds, continue to the Med Lab to find Rinoa wandering the hall in a possessed state. Squall will be repelled if he tries to touch her, so simply follow her over to the Control Room.

Once there, the possessed Rinoa uses the control panels to unlock Adel’s seal. After she leaves, check the red panel to see that the Lunar Cry has begun. Leave the Control Room and go upstairs. Watch an FMV then enter the Locker Room, which is across from the viewing window. Examine the locker in the upper right corner so that Squall changes into his astronaut suit.

Enter the door on the lower left then move into the foreground. After the air lock shuts, float back to the Locker Room. Exit and return to the Control Room. Speak with everyone inside, ending with Ellone. Watch an FMV of Adel coming out of hibernation then head right to reach an elevator. Ride it down to the escape pod room. Use the save point then speak to Ellone. Enter the unoccupied pod when the room starts to shake.