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Deep Sea Research Center, Part One (optional)

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  • Enemies

    Bomb, Buel, Anacondaur, Blood Soul, Ruby Dragon

  • Blue Magic


The Research Center is located out in the open seas in the southwestern corner of the world. Land your ship on it and make your way into the interior of the building. Inside, you’ll see a spinning blue light that goes on and off at random. Walk only when the light is turned off and keep inching your way towards the blue core. You’ll be forced into combat should you move with the lights on. Upon reaching the center, examine it and select the 1st option. You’ll get involved in 3 consecutive battles, starting with 2 Ruby Dragons.

The Ruby Dragons have a Breath attack that can take away large amounts of HP if you’re not protected from Fire. Cast Meltdown and have Squall unleash his Renzokuken. If they drop an Inferno Fang, use it on Quistis so she can learn Fire Breath. Using GF Tonberry’s Level Down ability also helps.

After defeating the first one, re-examine the core and select the 2nd option for another fight with a Ruby Dragon. You’ll begin this one with your backs turned, so be careful. If you’re lucky, Odin will step in to help. Examine the panel again and pick the invisible 3rd option.


HP: 65,000
AP: 40
Strength: Poison, Thunder, Wind
Weakness: Blind
Draw: Flare, Curaga, Full-life, Dispel

Bahamut has a pretty high offensive rating and if you take too long to defeat him, his Mega Flare will take away roughly 4,000 HP from everyone. Minimize damage with Protect and Shell. Bahamut is weak against Blind. Cast Meltdown and use Aura on Squall to prompt his Renzokuken.

Once defeated, you’ll acquire GF Bahamut, plus his card. Leave the Research Center and talk to everyone (especially Zell) once you’re back on the Ragnarok. If you like, head to the nearest town (Winhill) to stock up on items, spells, save and re-organize your party (bring Zell along for the next part).