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Cactuar Desert (optional)

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Locate a small island to the east of Kashkabald Desert on the Centra continent. You’ll see a Cactuar randomly appearing and disappearing on this island. Land the Ragnarok and run over to confront it.


HP: 60,000
AP: 20
Strength: ???
Weakness: Water
Draw: Meltdown, Demi, Tornado

This guy has a few nasty attacks. It will slam itself down on your party (causing moderate damage to everyone) or use 10,000 Needles (damaging a single character for 10,000 HP) so have Phoenix Downs and Life spells at the ready. If Alexander has learned Revive, use that also.

Junction Water to Elemental Attack, summon Leviathan, and cast Meltdown if you have it. If Squall gets killed, revive him but don’t heal him—his Renzokuken works well on the boss.

After enduring a certain amount of damage, the Jumbo Cactuar will hesitate. When this happens, cease all weak attacks and finish it off quickly. Otherwise, it’ll run away and you’ll have to start all over again.

Once defeated, you’ll acquire GF Cactuar. He offers a variety of Level-Up bonuses such as HP Bonus and Vitality Bonus. Junction him to someone who’s about to gain a level to make full use of these bonuses