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  • Name

    Irvine Kinneas

  • Limit Break


  • Height

    6′ 0″

  • Age


  • Weapon


  • Blood Type



A expert gunman and consummate lady’s man. A expert marks man from Galbadia Garden, Irvine is know as the “Best shoot in Garden”. His reputation for cherishing the company of women is almost as well known as his accuracy with a gun. Although he seems to be insensitive and frivlous at first glance, he is in reality, sensitive and serious.

Limit Break


Irvine’s Shot limit break requires the use of the Ammo items. You must choose a type of ammo from the list and just keep shooting the enemies until the timer reaches zero.

Shot Ammo Used Effect
Normal Shot Normal Ammo Damage one enemy
Scatter Shot Shotgun Ammo Damage all enemies
Dark Shot Dark Ammo Damage and status
change one enemy
Flame Shot Fire Ammo Fire damage to
all enemies
Quick Shot Fast Ammo Damage one enemy
Hyper Shot Pulse Ammo Pulse Ammo
Armor Shot AP Ammo Damage one enemy
Canister Shot Demolition Ammo Damage all enemies