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Islands Heaven and Hell

The westernmost island on the world map is called the Island Closest to Hell, and the easternmost is the Island Closest to Heaven. You would think it was the southernmost and northernmost, no? No. Put on Diablos’ Enc-None and Siren’s Move-Find ability and walk around in circles all over these. You will find dozens of draw points which are stocked with those hard-to-find powerful as hell junction-useful spells such as Meteor, Ultima, Quake, Triple, Aura, Tornado and others.

Stock up!!! The enemies here, once you decide to you have hit every draw point, take off Enc-None and be ready. The monsters here are DIFFICULT (this means dying at level 60-something if you’re not careful) However, this is the place to level up for sure. They give a ton of experience and also give hard to find items. You might want to return here once you are searching for the items you need for your ultimate weapons.