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Occult Fan Magazine

Need Exp? Simply go to the Islands Closest to Hell and Heaven and equip DoomTrain and Lv. Up. Also have characters with limit
breaks ready. Get into a fight and use DoomTrain. Then, Lv. up the enemy to 100 and finish it off quickly with limit breaks. you will get tons of exp.

There are four rare magazines in the world that deal with paranormal investigation. They give you clues on getting Doomtrain, info on the UFO encounters that allow you to get the PuPu card, and the “Ultimate GF”. These are the locations: -In the library in Balamb Garden, on a bookshelf(the right end of the bookshelf nearest to the wooden chest. -In a pile of old magazines in the Dollet Casino(beat the owner at cards to gain access). -Given to you by the Master Fisherman in FH. -In Esthar. Talk to the Presidential Secretary and she will walk away, leaving Occult Fan #4.