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Now your view switches back to Marcus and Steiner, they are trapped in a cage and they must find some way to escape. Press either the left or right on the d-pad in accordance with the cage’s swinging direction. Continue doing this until the cage crashes into the railing on the other side. You will be attacked by Soldiers as you make your way to the exit, they are easy to kill, especially if you picked up that Blood Sword from Queen Stella. Make your way to the end of the path until you come to the ladder at the end, climb up.

Zidane, Freya and Vivi join Steiner, you have to get to Dagger before 30 minutes is up. Don’t worry, 30 minutes is plenty of time. As your party makes their way through the hallway Marcus closes the gate on some Alexandrian Soldiers. If you stole the Ice Brand from Beatrix you should equip this to Steiner to make him more useful. Continue down the hallway and head outside, move through this area and fight the Soldier that intervenes. Move through the courtyard while avoiding the soldiers and make your way to the top of the screen and proceed into the next area. Run past the soldiers and into the castle, head up the steps while attempting to avoid the soldiers.

If you want to, instead of heading up the stairs right away you can go to the room to the left and fight an optional boss named Tanatarian. To fight him approach the book on top of the bookcase and press X when the ‘?’ appears. He is quite tough and probably to strong for your party at this point, and I would recommend not fighting him because if you lose you will return to your previous save point, which is probably the one on the Red Rose. Once you are up the stairs maneuver around the walkway and exit from the bottom of the screen.

Head up the spiral staircase and go through the two doors. Follow the red carpet to the end of the room and proceed through the doors. Move towards the candle and examine it, when prompted choose to try and move it. Go down the stairs and into the next area. You have to press x when the ‘!’ appears. Make it to the other end and then jump on the next one, jump off at the platform that holds two chests and open them for an Ice Brand and a Tent. Jump back onto the platform opposite of the entrance and head down the set of stairs until you reach a set of double doors.

Zorn and Thorn are in this room and a battle with them will begin.


Take time when choosing to attack, wait until one of them are assigned with a power and then hit them to neutralize it. Now that Vivi and Steiner are back in the same party you can use the Magic Sword abilities once again. A good way to neutralize the power is to have Vivi attack them both with one of his spells by pressing L1 or R1 when you have selected a spell. For Zidane, concentrate on Stealing from Zorn because he holds better items then Thorn, concentrate all of your party’s attacks on Thorn unless Zorn has been given a power.

Have Vivi continuously cast a magic spell on both of the to make sure that their powers are neutralized if they get them. Make Freya alternate between Jump and normal attacks depending on the situation, if one of them have just received a power have Freya quickly attack them. The clock is still ticking so try and end this battle quickly. The battle will eventually end once you have dealt enough damage, the jesters will flee.

Run towards Dagger who is at the end of this area, approach her and an ATE will be activated. Speak with Mosh to save your game, he also has a letter from Kupo that you can read. You should use a tent to rejuvenate your party, another battle is coming up soon.

Carry Dagger all the way back to the Queen’s Room. A sequence of dialogue will take place and eventually you will come to another battle with Beatrix.


Beatrix is tougher than the last time that you encountered her, she attacks much more often and deals more damage. She still uses the same attacks, Shock and Thunder Slash. Start the battle off by having Freya cast Reis’s Wind on the party and have Vivi cast Slow on Beatrix. Do the same old thing with Zidane, have him alternate between stealing and dealing damage, for Steiner use either his Magic Sword abilities or just attack normally.

Make sure to heal your party members when their HP is low, Reis’s Wind should help to keep them alive for awhile, just remember to cast it again once it wears off. When you have dealt enough damage, instead of using Stock Break Beatrix will use Climhazzard to reduce your entire party’s HP to 1 and the fight will end.

Beatrix has a change of heart once the battle is over and manages to help Dagger. Queen Brahne steps in and Beatrix confronts her and Freya joins too. A battle with Bandersnatch begins, but it is easy and since you have Beatrix, it’s extremely easy, just pick one of Beatrix’s abilities and he should die with one hit. Now your view switches back to Zidane’s party. Another Bandersnatch is coming after them, jump onto the platform and follow the stairs down. You will encounter some Black Mages along the way.

Once they have been dealt with attempt to make your way down the stairs, the Bandersnatch will catch up with you and you will have to fight. This battle contains two Bandersnatches but they should be easy since you have 4 characters. When they are dead continue down the stairs, when you reach the next area Steiner will run off to assist Freya and Beatrix. You will have to fight another Bandersnatch.

After the battle your view will switch back to Freya and Beatrix where you will have to fight two more Bandersnatch. After the battle two more will attack, but Steiner will arrive at this time to assist them. You will then gain control of Zidane again, head back through the double doors and talk to Mosh to save your game. He also has a letter for you to deliver this time. Leave this area and head back out and proceed through to the next area from the passage opposite of the double doors. Attempt to move down the stairs and past the cage, Zorn and Thorn have trapped your party again.

Thankfully, Marcus is back with Blank and they take care of them. Zidane, Vivi and Dagger will attempt to escape on the Gargant. Along the way you will encounter another enemy and will need to kill to proceed.


This is another easy battle, Ralvuimago doesn’t deal much damage with his physical attacks but he can cast Thundara to deal some damage to the entire party. He also has an ability called Ultra Sound Wave that inflicts the Mini Status effect on a party member. Command Vivi to cast Blizzara every time it is his turn, this can deal over 1000 damage to Ralvuimago. Steal Ralvuimago’s items with Zidane as always. Dagger can cast cure on the entire party each turn just to make sure that they don’t die. Once you have dealt enough damage the battle actually ends without this enemy running away.

The party finally gets moving again when another monster starts chasing after the Gargant, causing it to run faster in fear. A sequence of events and dialogue take place and once they are over you will appear in the next area. You won’t be seeing Freya or Steiner for quite awhile.