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After Marcus and Dagger have ditched Steiner, a set of ATEs will be activated. Watch them if you would like, once you watch one another one may be activated when you move into another area. Now move towards the fountain the right of the screen until a ‘!’ appears above Steiner’s head. Select ‘Throw in 10 Gil’ 13 consecutive times to obtain the Gemini Stellazzio. Move back to the right and exit this area. Jump down the ladder to the right and open the two chests to get a Yeti card and 1 Gil. Search behind the Item Shop to find the Taurus Stellazzio. Exit from the top and walk down the stairs past the drunk.

You can talk to Mogrich and save here, he also has a letter from Stiltzkin. If you want you can go into the equipment shop and fight the Griffin. You can also buy an Ice Staff in here if you missed the chance to steal it from Gizamaluke in the grotto. The griffin is probably too strong for any of your characters at this point, so you should probably just ignore him. Proceed out of the shop and leave the area to the left. If you haven’t watched the Unexpected Visitor ATE yet you will be forced to at this point. Search by the right of the auction house to get 2,225 Gil, this should help you out if you want to purchase some items from the auction. Before going into the auction house go back to the first screen and leave through the left this time. Go down the tower and move up until you come to a door. Go inside and you will run into the Four-Armed man who stole money from Dagger and he gives Steiner a Power Belt.

Now go all the way back to the Auction House and head inside. If you do choose to go inside the Auction House and bid on some items, check out the side quests section for some information on how to bid. When you go inside you will find Dagger and she will join Steiner.

When you are ready leave this area and move down the walkway and leave the area from the end. You can play Tetra Master in the Stadium and possibly win some new cards. When you are done leave this screen and proceed into the next area. Climb up the tower to the left and then follow the walkway to the left until you reach a chest that holds a Mythril Dagger. Head back to the tower and climb down the stairs. Proceed up to the top of the screen and move into the next area.

You are now in front of Queen Stella’s house. Queen Stella is the one that you need to give the Stellazzios to, if you have been following my guide you should have some of them with you. You can give the ones you have to her if you want to receive a reward, most of it is gil but you can get a couple of items. Check out the side quest section in this guide to find a list of all of the rewards. If you have all of them up to this point and have given them to Queen Stella you can get a new sword for Steiner to use. If you would like you can now head back with your newly acquired gil to the auction house and bid on some more items.

When you are done go back to the area with the Moogle and go back to the area where you found the Taurus Stellazzio by moving up the stairs and passing the Drunk. Go into the house to the left and move down the stairs and talk to Marcus. Tell him when you are ready, Steiner attempts to persuade Dagger into changing her mind but to no avail. Follow the straight forward path and talk to Baku once you have reached the end. Watch the scenes that take place here and once they are finished head back to the entrance of Treno and proceed to the left. Continue along the walkway, you may have noticed the locked door before, that is where Doctor Tot is. Pick up the Mythril Dagger if you didn’t take it before and then proceed inside.

Climb up the spiral staircase and then watch the dialogue. You are now in Gargan Roo, I didn’t think that it was worth it to give this place it’s own section so I am including it here. Talk to Mochos the moogle to save your game and you should have a letter for him. The Blood Sword that Steiner gets as a reward from Queen Stella is going to be very useful in this next part, so I hope you got it when you had the chance. Proceed through from the path on the bottom left of the screen, open the two chests in this room for a Phoenix Down and a Chain Plate.

Pull the lever on the wall and then exit the room. Head down the path on the bottom right part of the room and then move up and around the wall. Pull the switch that Doctor Tot points out and then go back to the last screen. Move down and hit the switch to the left that is labeled as ‘Feed.’ Make sure to heal your characters if they need it, and equip them with better equipment Your party will then get on the trolley. Of course this can’t be a safe journey there always has to be something standing in your way.


This boss isn’t that hard, especially if you got the Blood Sword from Queen Stella. He has a variety of attacks that can inflict negative status effects on your party including poison and slow. One particularly nasty attack can put you entire party to sleep, it’s called Night.

As always, steal from the enemy using Marcus, have Dagger on Stand by and casting healing spells on her and the party if it is needed. If Ralvurahva casts night and your entire party is put to sleep, the only thing you can do is to wait it out until it wears off and hope that he doesn’t kill your party.

Once he has taken enough damage he uses and ability called Escape and runs off. Coward!

The trolley arrives at the end of the line and their destination. Watch the sequences of events and dialogue that transpire, after this you will find yourself back in Burmecia, your next destination is Cleyra.