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Conde Petie

You are now on the Outer Continent, you have to traverse the hills to find your way to Conde Petie. If you spin the camera you can notice it on the bridge connected to the large hill. Head north from the exit of Fossil Roo, follow along the wall of the hill until you find where the lower ground slopes up and connects to the higher. Head up the slope and follow the grass to reach Conde Petie.

As you enter Conde Petie, you will be greeted by some dwarves, after an ATE should activate. There isn’t much to do here, head from the entrance of Conde Petie. Move all the way around and search the top right corner for 2700 Gil. Head through the small door way to the left, walk all the way to the end and climb up the steps. Move to the right of this area and exit, you should now be in the shop area. The dwarf tells you that the Black Mages are coming from the South-East forest, so you have to head there next.

Before leaving head back to the shop area, you can save your game by talking to Mogmatt the moogle, he also has a letter for you to deliver. You can stock up on healing items by talking to the dwarf at the counter. Pass through this area to the right and in the next room you can purchase some new equipment from the two dwarves behind the counter. You should buy an Oak Staff if you missed the chance to steal it. The two dwarves won’t let you go through just yet, so instead return to the exit and pursue the black mages.