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Iifa Tree

On the world map, head back across to the Conde Petie Mountain Path and enter. Follow the path down the root and go back to the fork in the road, this time following the path to the left. You will appear on the world map again. To get to the Iifa Tree move straight across from the exit of Conde Petie Mountain Path. Approach the large tree that you should be able to see in the distance and enter. When you enter the Iifa tree select the ‘Ask Eiko’ option when prompted. Once the seal is broken, you will receive a Ruby. Proceed to the next area and follow the branch until you find Mocchi the moogle. It takes awhile to find Mocchi, but it is good experience for your characters to fight all of the battles along the way.

Talk to Mocchi to save your game, continue along the path until you reach the strange object. Have Zidane stand on the platform and it will take you down to the lower level. Follow the branches down and head into the next screen, move over the branches until you come to a ledge, you should be able to see the treasure chest. Move down and examine the area to the right, choose to push it when you are prompted and the chest will fall down. Go up and open it to find a Phoenix Down. Continue to follow the path and open the chest that you will come across to receive a Hi-Potion, then continue into the next area.

Climb down the spiral branches, go into the opening to the right to find a chest containing an Ether. Ignore the exit to this screen for now and instead continue down following the path, open the two chests to get Lamia’s Flute an a Remedy. Now climb back up and follow the path at the bottom to move to the next screen. In the next area your party will get on the lift, it will take them down to the bottom of the Iifa Tree. During your trip down you will have to fight a few battles, you can cast Cura or Life on the undead enemies and they should die instantly. The fire element is also effective against the undead.

When the lift is finally at the bottom, you are now on what appears to be a giant harp. When you gain control over Zidane again, move down the two sets of steps. When you have moved down the second set search by it to open a chest and receive an Ether. Move all the way down and around the middle of the platform and search behind it when the ‘!’ appears to find a Brigandine. Move to the left on the lower part of the platform and press x when the ‘!’ appears. Dash up the stairs to Dagger’s aid, a boss battle with Soulcage begins.


I will start this off by revealing the extremely easy way to kill Soulcage, simply cast Life on him and he’s done, that’s it. If you do choose to go down that road I suggest waiting a bit so you can still steal from him with Zidane. If you don’t want to beat him that way, just attack him like you normally would. Soulcage has a variety of attacks including LV 5 death which will automatically KO any party member whose level is a multiple of 5. What ever you do, do NOT cast a Fire based spell on Soulcage, this will cause him to be lit on fire and he will start dealing massive damage, making him harder to kill.

Soulcage’s attacks can be quite damaging, especially his Fire Blade attack. He also uses an attack called Mustard Bomb which will inflict a character with the Heat status effect. If this character performs an action he/she will be KO’d. Steal with Zidane as always, cast either Thundara or Blizzara with Vivi, Eiko and Dagger can cast Protect, Cura and Life if needed.

After the battle the mist that covers the Mist Continent will part, the air will become clear. Moco interrupts the party members and brings news, Madain Sari is in trouble!