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Cyrus’ Ghost

Gaspar: “There’s the ghost of a lofty knight, slain by Magus in the Middle Ages, who haunts the present…”

Go to the Café in Choras in 600 AD and talk to the man drinking soda. He will tell you that his tools were stolen and now he can’t continue with his work. Now, go to Choras in 1000 AD and talk to the soda drinking man in this Café. He will tell you that you can have his tools, but because he is busy you will have to go and get them from his wife. Go to his house, get the Tools and talk to the man in 600 AD again. He’ll be happy that he can get back to work and leave the café. Go to his house and talk to him. He will tell you that he is off to fix the Northern Ruins.

Go up to the Northern Ruins and you will be told that they can’t finish work with all the monsters around. Defeat all the monsters in the ruins and then go back to the carpenter’s house and hire them for 2000G. Head back to the Northern Ruins, and again, they couldn’t finish due to monster problems. Put Frog in your party (this is for later) and eliminate all enemies in the ruins. Hire the carpenters a final time (for another 2000G) to finish repairing the Ruins. Go to the Ruins and head down the left stairwell. Continue through the ruins down this path until you see a grave, which you should interact with. This is Cyrus’ grave, and a scene will occur between Frog and Cyrus, at the end of which you the Masamune will be upgraded.

If you loot the chests in the Northern Ruins you will receive: Elixir and Hyper Ether from the normal chests. From the sealed chests you can receive Nova Armor, Kali Blade and Siren, but it is better to interact with them but not take their contents so you can get their upgraded versions in 1000 AD (Moon Armor, Shiva Edge and Valkerye) and then return to 600 AD to get the unimproved items also.