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The Sunken Desert

Gaspar: “In the Middle Ages, a woman’s sheer determination brings a forest back to life…”

First, if you haven’t already gone to the commons in 12000 BC and talked to the enlightened one standing by an unplanted sapling, go and do so now. If you didn’t talk to her before the disaster in Zeal she will ask you whether she should burn the sapling or plant it. Choose to plant the sapling. If you have already chosen to plant the sapling in the past, she will say that one Day the sapling could save the environment.

Now, go to Fiona’s villa in 600 AD. Talk to Fiona and her husband Marco and you will learn that there is a desert to the south filled with monsters that are preventing them from replanting the forest.

Head south to the ‘whirlpool’ which is an entrance to the desert, but be sure to include one of Marle, Magus and Frog in your party as the monsters have very strong defense which can only be weakened with water or ice magic. As you head through the ‘cave’ you can collect a Full Ether, a Lapis, an Elixir and an Aeon Suit, and use either Ice or Water magic to weaken the enemies you encounter before finishing them with normal attacks. After you move into the second area in the cave you will see a boss moving around, and some chests. From these chests you can loot a Full Tonic, 5000G, a Hyper Ether, an Aeon Helmet, a Memory Cap, a Full Ether and a Muscle Ring. Use the same strategy on the boss, (Retinite), as you have on the other enemies you have encountered in this desert. After you have won, collect any items you may have missed and put Robo in your party.

Go back to Fiona’s villa and talk to her. She will thank you for defeating the monsters, but be sad that she won’t live to see the forest after it has been replanted. Robo will decide to stay and help with the replanting. Go to 1000 AD, and you will see that the forest has been replanted. Put Lucca in your party and enter the shrine that stands where Fiona’s house used to. The uppermost nun will sell you excellent helmets; you can buy the following headwear: Sight Cap, Memory Cap, Time Hat and Vigil Hat. At the top of the shrine you can find a very battered Robo.

Your party will be around a campfire in the woods with Lucca repairing Robo. They will begin to discuss the reasons for them being able to go through time and Robo will bring up the possibility of an ‘Entity’ wishing them to witness everything they’ve seen. Shortly afterwards, the party will fall asleep and you will gain control of Lucca. Change area through the bottom right corner of the screen and you will find yourself in front of a red-colored gate which you should go through. You will find yourself in 990 AD, in Lucca’s house. Your path is set as alternate doors are blocked. Anyway, head through her house and you will see Lucca’s mother get trapped in one of Lucca’s father’s inventions. Go over to the control panel for the machine and press A. When you are prompted for the password, enter L A R A to save Lucca’s mother. Exit through the gate and you will find Robo waiting for you. He will give you the GreenDream accessory which allows a one-time reanimation in battle. From now on, if you go and visit Lucca’s mother you will see that she isn’t crippled and Lucca’s family is now much happier.