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Ozzie’s Fort

Gaspar: “A fugitive in the Middle Ages, Ozzie, maintains an evil hideout…”

In 600 AD, go east of where Magus’ lair is, and you will find Ozzie’s fort. The fort is pretty much a straight line so just head through, fighting Flea Plus, Super Slash as you go. In the room after the one where you fought Super Slash, Ozzie is attempting to tempt you with an obviously trapped chest. Ignore the chest and head up to the room’s exit and an Imp will attempt to take the treasure. This will expose the trap and Ozzie will flee the room. Collect a Full Ether from the chest and head to the exit once more, BUT DO NOT LEAVE THE ROOM. Instead, head to the south wall opposite the stairs and attempt to walk through it. It will be revealed as a false wall, and you will arrive in a room with chests containing the following items; Gloom Cape, Gloom Helmet and Doom Sickle. These pieces of equipment are only useable by Magus. Note that there is also a Magic Tab in the corner of this secret room.

Continue through the castle, and you will eventually encounter a boss: Ozzie and CO. You must fight Super Slash, Flea Plus and Great Ozzie. This will be a far harder boss fight than any you have previously had against any members of this infamous trio. They are able to use Triple and Double techs against you so be warned that this battle will hurt. The best strategy is to concentrate all your efforts on Slash to begin with, he will counter with a double tech that hits one party member compared to the far more dangerous triple techs that both Ozzie and Flea use when struck. Shortly after you defeat Slash, Flea will… flee, and you will only be facing Ozzie. Just lay into him with normal attacks until he is defeated, and don’t worry, he won’t fight back. Please note that you are able to charm Ozzie Pants, Slasher 2 and Flea Vest during this fight. There are also chests containing Dash Ring and Sight Cap.

After you defeat Ozzie he will run to the north, follow him and you will enter another battle with him. He is undefeatable, as after you deal 1000 damage to him he becomes unselectable, so to defeat him, hit the switch behind him. This will make you go back to the room you were in before engaging Ozzie, so head back to Ozzie’s room and he will be defeated by a cat. Leave Ozzie’s fort, this sidequest is over.

It should also be mentioned that the Mystics in Medina village in 1000 AD, no longer despise humans. Everything in the village will be at reasonable prices rather than the ridiculous prices charged at the beginning of the game. Also, Ozzie’s ancestor will no longer be the elder and will simply be the cleaner in the Elder’s house. Also, the statue of Magus in the town square will be gone.