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Origin Of Machines

Gaspar: “There’s a task to be done in the Future, where machinery originated.”

For this sidequest you will need Robo in your party as the leader. Go to 2300 AD and bring up the world map, you will find Geno Dome in the extreme Southeast.

Upon entering Geno Dome, a mysterious voice will address you and the door behind you will close. The only way to head now is forwards. Without going into too much detail, you must head through the factory and collect two figurines. There are a few levels in the building and it is fairly labyrinthine, so good luck. One of the dolls is fairly easy to find and access while the other is close to the entry point but inaccessible. You must find another guard robot in order to get past the one between you and the figurine. To open the doors you must first energize Robo by walking into an energy pod somewhere in the factory, and then running to an uncharged pod before the charge wears out. For one of these doors you must first change the direction of the conveyor belt running through the factory. That door will be difficult to open but not impossible, it may require several attempts but it is possible so don’t give up.

You can find the following items in the Factory; Full Tonic, 50,000G, Full Tonic, Power Tab, Magic Tab, Elixir, Lapis, Full Ether, Hyper Ether, Vigil Hat, Speed Tab, Lapis, Mega Elixir, Magic Tab, 15,000G, and Full Ether.

When you get close to the end of the factory and the boss, you will encounter Atropos XR, the equivalent of Robo’s girlfriend. She will attack you and begin a battle between here and Robo. Just use techs and heal until you are victorious. After she is defeated she will give Robo a plug-in to increase his speed (by 3) and his Magic Defense (by 10) permanently. Continue on through the factory and when you see two ‘pedestals’. Put the figurines on them and you will fight the Mother Brain. The displays will heal her so kill of TWO of them, (if you destroy all three she will up her attack and defense power every round) and then go on an all-out offensive against her. After she is defeated, Robo will shut down the factory and receive the Terra Arm and Crisis Arm. That ends the sidequest.