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The Sun Stone

Gaspar: “And there’s a very special stone that can shine its light on each generation, from the distant past to the far future…”

Using the Epoch, fly to Porre in 600 or 1000 AD. Now go to 2300 AD. You will be right next to the Sun Palace. To make this less difficult you should equip your chosen party with Fire absorbing (or at least fire-resistant) armor before entering the Sun Palace. Within the Sun Palace you will encounter the Son of Sun. To defeat him you must attack the flames surrounding his body, one of these flames, when hit, will damage the Son of Sun. He will make things difficult for you, however, by using Roulette Shuffle to change where the correct flame is. After you defeat him, follow him along the path he opens and you will acquire the moon stone (it was the Sun Stone, but has lost all of its energy and so has become a Moon Stone).

Go to 65,000,000 BC and fly to the Northeast, you should see a small isolated island. Land on the island and enter the Sun Keep. Place the Moon Stone in the Sun Keep and then go to 1000 AD, where you will find that the Moon Stone has been stolen. The Mayor of Porre has it, but being a greedy man, will not admit that he has stolen it. To fix this problem, buy Jerky from the Snail Stop CafĂ© in Porre for 9900G and then go to 600 AD. Go to what will be the Mayor’s house and talk to the woman across from the door. She will, tell you that she needs some Jerky. When she sees that you have Jerky she will offer to buy it from you for 10,000G, but you should give it to her for free. She will be stunned by your generosity and vow to raise her children to be fine, upstanding, generous people.

Go back to 1000 AD and talk to the Mayor of Porre. He will tell you that he just found the Moon Stone lying around and tells you to take it. Fly back to the Sun Keep and return the Moon Stone to its resting place. Put Lucca in your party and go to 2300 AD to check on the moon stone. You will find that it has become a Sun Stone, and you will be taken to Lucca’s house. Here she uses the power of the Sun Stone to make her ultimate weapon: the Wonder Shot. Taban will enter and give you the Sun Shades also.