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BlitzBall Action Commands

Once your play has the ball, press square button to access the Action Commands menu. This presents you with three options from which to chose: Pass, Shoot, and Dribble.


When a player shoots the ball, the shot’s SH will decrease as the ball travels toward the goalie. Upon arrival, the remaining SH is compared to the goalie’s CA. The amount of SH that a goalie’s CA can subtract from your shot varies from 50% to 150%. If any SH is left after subtracting the randomized CA, then a goal is scored. If the SH is reduced to zero, the goalie catches or blocks the shot.

SH falls at the same rate a PA, so it’s essential to get as close to the goal as possible to ensure a higher chance of scoring.

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An encounter occurs when an opposing player gets close to the ball carrier. During an encounter, opposing players will position themselves between your player and the goal. Options then appear in the Breakthrough menu. In the upper-right corner, the opposing players’ attributes are displayed along with your player’s attributes.
After you choose an option from the Breakthrough menu, the Action Commands menu appears. You must choose to Shoot, Pass, Dribble.

If you choose to break through the defenders, your player EN is compared to each enemy play’s AT. The amount of EN subtracted by an enemy is 50% to 150% of his AT. If your player’s EN is reduce to zero, the opposing player takes possession of the ball. If you choose to pass the ball and your player successfully break past one or more defenders, the Pass option then requires you to choose a receiver. Your player’s PA is compared to the BL of any remaining defenders.

When attempting to pass or shoot without breaking past defenders, the BL of all who stand in the way is compared to the PA or SH of the player holding the ball. The attribute compared depends on whether you choose to pass or to shoot. IT is possible that a defender will miss taking off no PA or SH at all. If you pass’s PA or shot’s SH is reduced to zero, then opposing player will intercept the ball. But if there is any PA or SH left over, it powers the ball past.

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The Pass option enables you to pass the ball to one of your teammates. Pree left and right on the left analog stick to scroll through the players on your eam. Press the X button to confirm your selection, and the pass will be thrown. As the pass move towards the target, its PA will drop until the ball reaches its intended receiver or until an opposing team member intercepts it.

If the pass’s PA reaches zero before the ball reach its intended target, the pass will fail. Passing is essential in getting your team in close proximity for a shot.

It takes some time to get a feel for passing. You’ll probaly have attempt a few passes to determine how far player’s PA will allow the ball to go.