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Status Changes

During an encounter, your player may become inflicted with a status efffect from an enemy technique. Once your players know the required abilities, you can inflict enemies with status ailments, too. The three status ailments are poison, sleep, and wither.

Status Ailments


Venom techniques poison the target, accelerating his HP loss while he has the ball, and impeding HP recovery. When afflicted with Pile Venom, a player loses shooting techniques first, followed by tackling and passing techniques.


Nap techniques will put the target to sleep. The target’s mini-map marker turns black to indicate this. A sleeping player wakes up after a certain amount of time elapses, if a goal is scored, or after being hit by a pass.


Each Wither technique reduces one attribute of the target by half. Affected attributes are colored blue instead of yellow. The effect wears off over time or at the end of the half.

–Give the Goalie a Rest
If a goalie gets put to sleep, his CA doesn’t affect shots, even though it appears in the menu. Shooting of a sleeping goalie is a good way to score