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Learning Techniques and Using Them

As mentioned earlier, a player must be at Level 3 or higher to use techniques, so you must play a few games just to meet this requirement. When a player becomes able to equip techniques, a blank slow appears below that player’s name on the Technique setup screen.

Learning Techniques (Techcopy)

For a player to learn a technique, he must wait until the marked opponent performs it. At a certain point during the execution of the technique, the word “Techcopy!” flashes in the upper-left corner of the screen. If you press X before it disappears, the player who marked the opponent has chance of learning the technique. A chime indicates success.

If your player is too far below the level of the opponent, he cannot learn the techinque. You do not have to be in the Mark formation to capture a technique. In fact, the player trying to learn the technique doesn’t have to be close to the marked player at all. As long as the mark was set before the half, it is possible to learn the technique.

Tips for Successful Techcopy

  1. Don’t set more than two of your players to mark a single enemy, because only one player can successfully learn a technique at a time.
  2. Let the enemy perform the technique. If you mark an opposing team’s player to learn his “Volley Shot,”
  3. Remember to take players’ levels into consideration. If a Level 5 player is trying to learn a technique from a Level 12 player, he won’t have much luck.
  4. Don’t forget that the sixth player on the opposing team’s list is the goalie.

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Using Techniques

Once your players learn techniques, they must equip them before each half in order to use them during the match. Different techniques do different things and are used in different situations. Some are performed automatically, other are constantly in effect, and still others help with offense or defense.

To use offensive techniques like Nap Pass or Jecht Shot, simply choose the appropriate command from Action Commands menu. Any techniques available are displayed next to the corresponding HP cost.

Techniques can be used on defense as well. A new menu appears when a opponent has the ball and attempts to break your player.

Automatic techniques have a chance of triggering when necessary, and they incur any applicable HP cost when performed.Some techniques are always active. They cost HP to equip, but cost no additional HP during a game. However, they’re nearly impossible to learn since they do not activate during a match.

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Key Techniques

Select one of your team members on the team data screen and three techniques are listed below them. These are the player’s key techniques. Each time a player learns a key technique; more techniques become available for him to learn. Key techniques must be learned in a certain order. If the first one is not learned, the second one will not become available even if an opponent possesses it.