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Recuiting and Scouting

There are many players scattered throughout Spira who you can scout and add to your team. To recruit a new player, press the square button when facing someone. If he plays blitz ball, his statistics will appear. Players from others teams are usually under contract for a certain number of games. If the player is a free agent, this will be indicated. If the player is available, press x to hire him. You then need to determine the number of games you wish to hire him for.

When the contract with a player expires, you are given the opportunity to renew it. If you decline, he leaves the team. To rehire the same player at a later date, you must return to him and repeat the process again.

Opposing teams also have to rehire players when their contracts expire. If there’s a good player you want with just a few games left on his contract, keep it in mind and return to him later.

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Team Level

After winning five matches, your team level increases. New formations may become available. Your scouting level might also increase.

Scouting Level

Each time you’re scouting level increases, you gain access to more information when you scout players. At scouting Level 2, you can see the players’ attributes. At Level 3, you can view his equipped techniques. Level 4 is the highest attainable level. At that point, all the techniques the potential player has learned and is capable of learning are shown.