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The Basics of BlitzBall

Blitzball players have a set of attributes that determine how well they shoot, pass, and tackle. During your first blitzball game in Luca, you cannot see your players’ stats until halftime. As you play in more tournaments later in the game, you can put your players in the best bossible positions and maximize your recruiting opportunities.

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General Attributes

Hit Point (HP)

This attribute represents a player’s stamina during the match. Every action a player takes while in possession of the ball consumes HP, including passing, shooting, and even just swimming. However, players automatically regenerate HP once rid of the ball.

Speed (SP)

This attribute measures how fast a player moves during a game. A player with a high Speed attribute has a big advantage in blitzball; if your opponents can’t keep up with you, you can make more accurate shots


Salary is the amount of Gil you pay the player for each game he or she plays with your team.


This is the player’s current experience level, which is adjusted after every half of a match.

Defensive Attributes

Attack (AT)

A high Attack attribute can stop an enemy player in his tracks. The Attack attribute determines the strength of a defender’s tackle. It comes into play when the ball carrier attempts to break through nearby defenders.

Block (BL)

The Block attribute indicates the likelihood that a player will intercept passes or shots by an opponent. A high Block attribute is important for defenders. A player’s Block attribute is measured against the Shoot and Pass attributes of the opposing player.

Catch (CA)

The Catch attribute is only used by goalies. A goalie with a high Catch attribute has a better chance of stopping incoming shots. When a player attempts to score, his Shoot attribute is measured against the goalie’s Catch ability.

Blitzball image