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  • Name

    Celes Chere

  • Class/Occupation

    Rune Knight

  • Special Command


  • Age


  • Height


  • Weight



Infused with magic when she was just a child, we know little of Celes’ family background. What we do know is that she was raised by Cid, the Empire’s top scientist, and is and excellent fighter. She worked for the empire until she realised that they were rotten to the core (as most people do). Once she decided that the empire was wrong, she was procclaimed a traitor and put in a dungeon. But Locke, ever eager to help a fair maiden, came to her rescue and convinced her to join forces with him and the rest of the gang. Celes naturally agreed, and overtime she and Locke became close friends, watching out for each other all the time. Celes has the handy ‘Rune’ ability. This allows her to absorb any magic used on her and her party for one turn and transfer it into HP. Pretty cool, huh?