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  • Name

    Setzer Gabbiani

  • Class/Occupation


  • Special Command

    Slot / GP Rain

  • Age


  • Height


  • Weight



This Airship-flying, free-spirited wild-card of a man loves to love life spontaneously. He also loves gambling and beautiful women. Unfortunately, his reckless ways have earned him a unique reputation as a man to be avoided. In fact, how you encounter him is quite original. He decides he’s in love with this opera singer named Maria. So he plans to kidnap her. Meanwhile, our usual cast needs an airship, and Celes looks just like Maria. So they set up a trap for Setzer, and he takes the bate. Once he finds out Celes isn’t Maria, a deal is cut. The flip a coin. One way, Celes marries Setzer. The other, Setzer helps them. Of course, Celes cheats, bu that makes Setzer like them even more. Setzer has an ability call ‘Slot’. It’s pretty risky, but also fairly straight-forward. Get certain combinations on his little slot machine, get different results.