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  • Name

    Cyan Garamonde

  • Class/Occupation


  • Special Command


  • Age


  • Height


  • Weight



Cyan was the best Knight in Doma and a loyal husband and father. That is, until Kefka poisoned the water system in Doma, killing his king and his family and ruining his life. Doma was a kingdom who already opposed the Empire, so Cyan went nuts for revenge for a while, having no prior convictions about fighting the Empire. And fight he can! Cyan is a skilled swordsman, with awesome strength as well as skill. He may seem a bit old-fashioned (which he is) but only an idiot would consider passing him up. Unfortunately Cyan and Celes don’t get along very well at first. Cyan pretty much puts her in the same boat as the rest of the Empire’s General’s, former or no, and Celes has her own problems. But overtime they become able to stand each other, and even exchange a friendly word or two. Not that cyan isn’t suffering from severe depression at the loss of his family. Cyan has the amazing ‘SwordTech’ ability. There’s a meter which appears on the screen, and he performs different mind-boggling attacks depending on how full that meter is when you hit X.