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  • Name


  • Class/Occupation

    Wild Boy

  • Special Command

    Leap / Rage

  • Age


  • Height


  • Weight



Sabin and Cyan encounter this unique kid on the Veldt. Raised by wild animals after being abandoned by his insane father, he is a simple person, who joins your party once you give him some dried meat. He does not have a very complicated reason for fighting the Empire. He simply knows that they are bad, his friends are good, and he will do what he can when he can to help. In fact, at some point a particularly shiny object of his helps you be on your way to Narche. Gau really ‘Leap’s into action. What happens is this; when you’re on the Veldt, select Leap, then select a baddie and click X. Gau will pounce on him, and the battle will end. But Gau will not be in your party. He will appear randomly at the end of a battle on the Veldt and re-join you, having learned a new ‘Rage’ ability.