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Catching a Chocobo

  1. There are 2 types of flutes… One for searching and one for catching. Press the “square” button to alter the 2 flutes. Once you change to the searching flute, Hold on the button while you walk around the forest.
  2. If you see the indicator at the bottom-corner has a strong reaction, change to the catching flute and press the button to call Kochocobo(s) out.
  3. When you blow the flute on a Kochocobo, one or more of them will leave.
  4. Repeat this process until you’ve got one Kochocobo left.
  5. But be careful sometime the kochocobo will stole the flute from you and you have to pay the chocodude for another one.
  6. Talk to the Kochocobo and then, because Chocobo scare maybe? That Kochocobo is talking with bad guy so he/she will come out!!(with no harm to you don’t worry
  7. At last, you’ll be able to ride on a Chocobo.

An easier way for you… When you choose a flute, go to the third option. The Chocodude in the forrest will ask you for money to call a Chocobo for you, immediately!

Chocobo image Chocobo image Chocobo image Chocobo image

G.F. Kochocobo

use the item when you want to summon Kochocbo. Remember that Kochocobo is the only GF (including the normal GF and hidden GF) that will Level up with the same time changing his/her “size”….all you need to do is to finish the task and get the items in the pocketstation game. Details will be shown in the pocket station page.

Once you get a Kochocobo, you may wish to download a mini-RPG game to your PocketStation, and it’s called Kochocobo RPG. You might find valuable items there and upload to your Final Fantasy VIII game!