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You will now have control over a different character that is named Vivi. As soon as you start move over to the left until you see a ‘!’ appear over the character’s head. Search this area by pressing the ‘X’ button and you will receive a potion. Head directly across from this area and into the door to the right. Search by the bed and dresser to receive 9 Gil and a potion. Climb the ladder to receive a fang card by searching by the cabinet.

If you are getting annoyed by the pointing finger above your character, you can turn it off by going into the main menu by pressing triangle, and then moving down to config. Scroll down until you get to the ‘HERE Icon’ option and turn it off.

After you are done searching the house, head back out and move down to the next screen, When you are in the next screen move down all the way to the bottom left corner and search there to receive a Zombie Card. Once you have that move up the screen, move so that you are behind the statue in the middle of the square, head up all the way up, your view should still be obstructed by the statue. Once you see a ‘!’ search to get a Lizard man card. Head over to the top left of the screen and move up the steps in the distance, search to get a Sahagin Card. Move to the left the statue and search to receive another potion, then leave the area through the entrance that brought you to it.

Move up through this alley and search the barrels on the left side for another potion, then continue up and into the next screen. Head into the tavern that is right there when you enter the screen, head to the left side and search near the barrel for a flan card. Head up behind the table and search for 27 Gil, then move to the bottom right side of the room for another potion, then leave the tavern. Once you are outside again head down to the grass near Hippaul and search there for a Goblin Card. Move to the grass in the far right of the screen to find 33 Gil. Leave this screen and head to the next one.

Move up and go into the shop to the right of the area. Move down to the supplies in the corner and search for 37 Gil. Talk to the shopkeeper to see what he is selling and buy some supplies if you want to, though you really don’t need them at this point. Go back outside and move into the next screen. You will find yourself in a large area. Move into the center and go to the ticket booth located there. Peek inside and show the man the ticket when prompted. He will discover that the ticket is actually a fake, he will then give you Goblin, Fang and Skeleton cards. If you want to learn more about the card game, go to the ‘Side Quests’ section of this guide for information on, how to play and a list of all of the cards.

Go into the synthesis shop to the right and search in the corner to find an Ether and then head back out. Once back outside head up and to the left you can search to find a Phoenix Pinion. Before leaving the area, you can play an optional mini-game by speaking to the kids playing jump rope, you can win some items if you do well. You have to press the X button when the ‘!’ appears over Vivi’s head. When you are done with the mini-game exit the screen to the left, you will find yourself in an alleyway.

After the sign maker leaves, the rat-boy will come into the alley. When he asks for you to become his slave, refuse and he will leave the alley. Head through the alley and into the next area. Go into the house to find Eye Drops and 3 Gil up the stairs.

Head over to the boats and move to the left and up the stairs. Talk to the little boy and he will tell you that he lost his cat. Now go all the way back to the area with the statue in the middle. You should see a cat walking around, approach it. The little boy will run into the area and thank you for finding his cat. Head back to the area with the ticket booth and talk to Hippaul. He is standing to the right of the path at the top of the area.

Now head back into the alley. Ignore the rat-boy for now and instead head back to the docks. Go see the little boy and he will give you a Bomb Card. Move into the steeple and climb up the bell tower. Ring the bell to find Ironite Goblin, and Fang Cards. Not such a safe place is it? Now go back into the alley and speak with the rat-boy and agree to be his slave. Tell him that no one is coming and he will leave. Talk to the man that is now entering the alley before he can mug you. He will take you into the pub and teach you how to play Tetra Master. Once you are done head back through the alley and into the next screen, follow the rat-boy into the steeple.

As you head up the bell tower a moogle will fall down. His name is Kupo and he will explain how to save. Go to the option ‘Mognet’ to learn more about it. Each time you find a moogle the first thing you should do is click on Mognet and see if they have mail that they want you to deliver or if you have a letter for them. Make sure to continue going to Mognet until the say “I want mail! Kupo!” to make sure that they don’t want anything else.

Before climbing up go to the right corner of the bell tower and search to find a potion. Move over to the left side of the entrance to find a Tent. Now climb up the bell tower. Follow him across the rooftops. When you get to the second on search the object on the left to find 29 Gil. The rat-boy will tell you that his name is Puck. Move around and follow the planks of wood until you get to a rooftop. Move over to the far end and search the object for 63 Gil. Head back and go up the stairs and around the rooftops. Puck will set up the ladder and you will move into the castle.

The play will begin, the Tantalus performing troupe will perform. A battle will begin, ignore the SFX skills. While they look cool they don’t do any damage. Kill the guards and then King Leo. After the battle Zidane and Blank will have a stage fight. Follow Blank’s lead and press the buttons that he shouts out. You need to try and impress the nobles and the queen. You can get a good amount of Gil if you do well and you can redo the scene as many times as you like. It is pretty hard to get all 100 nobles impressed, and I personally have only managed to get 99 of them. If 100 nobles are impressed you will get 10,000 Gil!