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As your party looks on towards the small village of Dali, Garnet decides that she needs a new identity. She adopts the name Dagger, which she will now be referred by from this point on.

You will now be back on the world map, before heading into the Village of Dali go to the mountain on the edge of the cliffs and enter it. Approach the little house and enter. Talk to the old man and then examine the floating ship model. Morrid will tell you that he will give it to you if you bring him some rare coffee. He wants Burman, Kirman, and Moccha coffee, which you can find at different parts of the world. This is a side quest and if you want to learn more read the ‘Side Quest’ section of this guide.

When you are back outside you can search the area next to the stairs on the far right to obtain 135 Gil. Don’t bother going up the stairs, there’s nothing there for you. Open the chest in front of the cart by the entrance for a Hi-Potion and then leave.

Now it is time to go into Dali, approach the village and enter. When the scenes are over and you gain control over Zidane once again you will still be in the Inn. Search near the plant to the left of the room to open the obstructed chest to get a potion. Move to the right to open the visible chest to receive an Antidote. When you leave the room you can talk to Gumo to save your game.

You can buy some Equipment from the shop across from the Inn. Head towards the top of the village and talk to Vivi. Once you are done go into the windmill and once you are inside, move to the top and examine to open a chest and obtain the Aries Stellazzio. Collecting the Stellazzio is a side quest, you can learn more about it by reading the ‘Side Quest’ section of this guide.

Once you are done go back to the equipment shop to get Dagger. Go back to the Inn to talk to Dagger. Leave the Inn and move towards the top of the village. You can buy some medicinal items at the item shop if you think you will need them. Once you are done move towards the top you find out where Vivi is.

Move into the windmill and examine the object to the left as you enter. Zidane will open the hatch and then choose the Go Down option. Climb down the ladder and hop onto the lift, then move towards the chest and open it for 156 Gil. Move through to the next area, move into the little hut and open the chest to receive a potion. Move down and open the other chest to obtain Eye Drops, then enter the next area.

You can talk with the moogle Kumop and save if you want to. Move over to the box behind the barrel that contains the moogle and hop up and climb onto the higher box and open the chest that is up there to receive an Ether. Jump back down and kick the mechanism to lower the chest, open it to receive a Potion.

Leave this area and move into the next one. You will find yourself in a large area with a lot of boxes. Head towards the first set of boxes and follow the straight forward path to the treasure chest, open it to obtain an Iron Helm. Move towards the chest in between two piles of boxes to obtain a Leather Wrist. Move out of this area and into the next one.

Zidane and Garnet find Vivi in this area and free him. Move towards the chest by the door at the top of the screen to get 95 Gil. Once you have Vivi you should equip him with a Leather Wrist so he can learn his Blizzard Spell. Now open the misty door and an encounter will ensue. Once they are dead move into the room and open the chest to receive a Phoenix Down from the chest. Move behind the machine and open the other chest to get a Potion. Move up from that chest a open a hidden one to obtain a Phoenix Pinion, then leave the room.

Now head towards the machine and walk along the path. Continue moving through the areas until you gain control of Steiner. Wait until Morrid moves into his house and then enter to speak with him. Watch the scenes and eventually you will have to fight the Black Waltz No.2.

Black Waltz No.2

Again, this isn’t a hard battle. Black Waltz uses elemental attacks including Thunder and Fira, and whatever Vivi casts on him. He also has a physical attack Teleport. Have Zidane steal from him, Steiner using Magic Sword and Vivi casting his spells. Leave Garnet on stand by if no one is in need of healing at the moment.

You can switch between characters who have full ATB gauges by pressing the Triangle button. Continue attacking Black Waltz and the battle will end quickly.

Once the battle is over head to the Inn to heal and save your game. Once you are finished head back towards the Cargo Ship.