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South Gate

You will now be in control of Steiner. Head up the stairs and approach the two guards. They will let you through, you have to find a place to let Dagger out of the Bag. You have to get the people standing by the alley to move out of the way. You probably have noticed the chest that is up the ladder, you can’t get it at this point so just ignore it. First head to the left and open the chest behind the barrels to obtain a Multina Racket.

Now head over to the right and talk to Part-time Worker Mary, when prompted choose the option to console her. Now that she is out of the way head over to the man standing by the bottom of the screen. Talk to the man and Answer him, when he is done talking head back to the left and talk to the guy by the gate. Once you are done head back and talk to the young man again.

Before you go into the alley a Guard will stop you and give you a Gate Pass. Now move back into the alley, once the scene is over move to the left and open the chest to get a Potion. Talk to the moogle Grimo to save your game. Take this opportunity to purchase some medicinal items from the man to the right if your last party was in need of some, you will need it for the next part.

When you are ready move up the steps and talk with the conductor to board the lift. Look for a place to sit down, the second seat on the right side.