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Now you will be back on the world map, back in control of Zidane. Move east from Gizamaluke’s Grotto and to the North Gate and open the two chests to find a Hi-Potion and a Tent. Leave the gates now and move towards Burmecia. It is located at the top of the map, just follow the wall from the North Gate until you reach it.

You are now in Burmecia, The Realm of Eternal Rain and also Freya’s home. Move to the left of the screen and search behind the rubble for the Cancer Stellazzio. Proceed through the area and into the next screen. Here you will run into those damn jesters again, they will send a couple of Black Mages to attack you. Once you have dealt with them head up the stairs to the left of the screen.

Move behind the stairs and open the chest to get a Soft. Climb up the stairs and avoid the chest at the time, it is a Mimic. A Mimic is an enemy that masquerades as a Treasure Chest but is really just an enemy. You can fight it if you want, it isn’t very tough. Proceed into the next area from the open door to the left.

If you try to go for the chest a part of the walkway will fall and land to a lower level. Walk towards the Treasure Chest to retrieve Germinas Boots using the D-pad. Go back outside and move into the next area by going through the door to the right of the screen.

Open the two chests by the statues to retrieve a Soft and a Potion. Move up the steps and proceed over the newly formed bridge. The chest at the end is another Mimic. head through the open doorway and you will find yourself in another room. Move through and head for the balcony. Talk to the wounded soldier and then retrieve the Protection Bell from behind the bed. You can also find an Ether by searching the top left half of this room.

Now move out of this room and backtrack to the room with the fountain. Climb up the stairs and exit through the door to the left. Go towards the large door in the middle and ring the Protection Bell then proceed through the doorway. Move up the steps, then head into the door to the left to save some Burmecians. Exit and head up the stairs to the right, cross the statue and go through the open door.

Open the two chests to find a Tent and a Phoenix Down. The chest at the end of the path is another Mimic, so just ignore it. Move through the door above the statue’s head. Move into the door to the left to get Freya her Mythril Spear and equip it to her so she can learn Reis’s Wind. Leave this room and go through the door to the right this time. Open the chest in the chair to get a Lightning Staff for Vivi, equip this to him so he can learn Thundara.

Talk to Stiltzkin and buy his combo so he can continue his journey. Each time you see him from this point on he will have items to sell to you, always buy his combo from him. Talk to the Moogle Atla to save your game and use a Tent, you should also have a letter for him. He also has a Mogshop where you can purchase some medicinal items and some equipment.

When you are ready head out of the room and back outside, head up the steps at the top of the screen. A string of scenes take place and eventually lead to a fight with Beatrix.


Beatrix is tough, her Shock and Thunder Slash attacks can kill some of your party members with one hit. You may want to just concentrate on attacking Beatrix rather than stealing from her with Zidane. Cast Reis’s Wind with Freya to start things off, Vivi can cast Slow on her which he can learn from the Lightning Staff that you found early on.

Thundara is very effective against Beatrix and it should be able to deal about around 550 damage. Use Quina to heal your party members when they need it and to revive them if they are KO’d. Continue fighting until Beatrix uses her Stock Break attack, which will bring down your entire parties HP to 1 and then the battle will end.