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Once the Minister is done talking, follow him into the next part of the castle and pass through the two guards to move onto the lift. Zidane leaves the castle to get something different to eat, and he ends up meeting up with his old friend, Freya. Watch all of the scenes and eventually an ATE will bring you to another Mogster lesson, this time on Synthesis.

Once you gain control of Zidane again save using the moogle in the inn. Head downstairs and search the bottom left corner to find 163 Gil. Exit the Inn and move up one screen. Go into the house at the top of this area, the one with the clock on it. Open the two chests to find a Hi-Potion and an Ether. Leave the house and move into the next area from the passage at the top of the screen.

Move behind the church and search by the trees to get a Tent. Now go inside the church and move to the top of the area. Climb up the ladder and move to the far side to get a Leather Plate. Backtrack to the market place and head up the steps to the right, move down the street and into the next area.

You can check out the equipment shop if you want, it’s the bottom building on the right side. Just above that is a item shop, you can stock up on your medicinal items here if you need them. To the left of Alice’s shop there is the Synthesis shop. I highly recommend heading in there and making some new weapons, for Zidane at the very least. Go behind the counter and examine the table to the left to receive Silver Gloves.

Once you are done backtrack all the way back to the first screen that you appeared in when you came out of the inn. Head into the long building to the left, you will be forced to watch an ATE. When it is done head towards the air cab on your left and fly to the Industrial District. Exit this area, once you are outside search to the left of the entrance to get a Leather Wrist. Move up the stairs and into the next area, ignore the pub and move all the way up and enter the doorway in the back. Move upstairs and open the two chests to obtain a Mimic Card and a Steepled Hat.

Before moving out search to the right of the pub to find a Bronze Vest. Now go all the way back to the air cab. This time choose the Theater District. Exit the terminal, move down to the bushes in front of the house and search for 127 Gil. Head down the steps to the left and into the next area. Go into the house with a clock on it.

Once the ATE is over and all of the talking is finished, open the various chests sprawled around the area. You can find 68 Gil, 282 Gil, and 97 Gil in the three chests. Climb up the ladder to the left and search the bed to receive a Mini-Burmecia. Leave the building once you are done and move down the steps at the end of the street. Approach the crowd of people and talk to the women in the purple clothes. When the man in the moogle costume walks out follow him up the stairs and move back to the first area.

Go into the house behind the bushes at the bottom of the screen, talk to Lowell to get his Autograph. Open the chest to receive an Ore, go behind the red chair and search for a Moogle Suit. Once you are done go back into the terminal and this time fly to Lindblum Castle. Move through to the bottom of the screen and go up the stairs. Go through the passage at the bottom of the screen, go up the stairs to the right of this area. Go into the first door that you see to find Steiner.

Open the chest on the right to get a Glass Armlet. Head up the stairs to the left and move up again and open the chest at the end of the path for an Ether. You can save by talking to Mogki if you want to. You should have a letter for him and he also has one for you to deliver. Once you are done in here exit the room and move back down the stairs. Try to move towards the elevator but a guard will stop you.

Head back up the stairs to the right and move down the stairs in front of the doorway. Talk with the soldier sleeping on the couch, Zidane will knock out the soldier and use his clothes as a disguise. Now go back to the elevator and pass through. Move up the stairs to the left while avoiding the guards. Move through the engine room and up the stairs to the left. Follow the path of stairs to encounter Dagger.

While Zidane is looking through the telescope you have to click on all of the six locations before you can move on. Aerbs Mountains, Marshland, Chocobo Forest, South Gate and Ceebell river. When you gain control of Zidane again, go up the steps and save using Mogki. Make sure that Zidane has his best equipment equipped before moving on and the Beast Killer ability, which can be learnt by equipping a leather wrist, activated. Once you are ready head towards the Theater District.

Whoever wins gets the Master Hunter key item. If Freya wins you get a Coral Ring, if Vivi wins you get a Theater Ship Card and if Zidane wins you get 5,000 Gil. The different monsters are worth different amounts of points, the Zaghnol being worth the most. If you kill him you are almost sure to win. If you want Freya to win it is very easy, she is naturally good a fighting and can win and she should win if you do a mediocre job.

I am quite sure that you want Zidane to win, so you’ll want to go for the Zaghnol and have Zidane deal the last hit. Freya is kind of hard to keep up with otherwise, but it can be done without fighting the Zaghnol. If you want Vivi to win, go to the business district and help him by killing the fang that is chasing him, then just hold back and he should win.

Once you are in the Theater District move out of the terminal quickly and head outside. If you synthed The Ogre at the synthesis shop you can kill most of these enemies with one hit. Move through the streets until you feel you have cleared out all of the enemies and then head back to the terminal and fly to the Business District or to the Industrial District depending on how much time you have left. If you want to go for Zaghnol make sure that you are in the main square of the Business District when you have about 5 minutes left.

When you are in the Industrial District attack the Fang that is chasing the cat around the statue. Attack the Mu that runs down the stairs, move up the stairs and attack the Mu that is at the door. Head back to the terminal and fly to the Business District.

When you head out a sparrow will attack you, once he is dead a Mu will attack you as you attempt to move up the screen. When it is dead move up and into the main square. Attack the fang sitting to your right, when he is dead move out of this area and into the next. Here you will encounter the Zaghnol. He can take some time to beat so I hope you have at least 3 minutes left. If you have The Ogre this battle won’t last as long. Freya will jump down to help you with this fight but you don’t want her to deal the last hit and receive all of the points.

Have Freya use her Jump ability a couple of times and also have her there to heal Zidane if it is needed. Make Zidane continuously attack the large Zaghnol until he is dead. If you feel that he is getting close to death leave Freya alone and skip her turn to concentrate on Zidane’s. With The Ogre and Beast Killer equipped I was able to have Zidane deal about 580 damage each turn with Freya only jumping once. If you have The Ogre this will be a piece of cake.

If you still have some time left over head back and just attack some random enemies. The match is pretty much set for whoever killed Zaghnol. For me, in the end Zidane ended up winning with 197 points with Freya left far behind. If the outcome isn’t what you hoped, you can reload your save game data from the last point you saved from and try again.

If Zidane loses the festival Freya will more then likely win, and you will receive a Coral Ring. If Zidane does win he will receive 5,000 Gil, and I suggest using this to buy some medicinal items and new equipment for Freya, Zidane and Vivi. You’ll need it for the next area.

You will be taken back to the castle where the winner will receive their reward. The ceremony will be interrupted by an injured Burmecian Soldier. This can’t be good…

Once all of the scenes are finished and you gain control of Zidane move out of the Conference room and head towards the lift and ride it to the base level. Instead of going towards the Dragon’s Gate head to the right and ride to the Serpent’s Gate. Move up and open the treasure chest to obtain a Wyerd Card, then go back the Trolley and ride to the Dragon’s Gate.

You should save using the moogle Moonte, I suggest that you stock up on items from the merchant. You do not have Garnet for this part of the game so make sure that you buy a good amount of potions to heal your party members. You should have an Iron Helm on you, equipped this to Freya and activate the Level Up support ability that she can learn from it. This allows her to gain twice the amount of experience.

When you are done move through the gate and you will appear on the World map.